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樂清市盈瑞電器有限公司是一家多年專業從事低壓電器產品的設計、開發、生產、制造的專業廠家,擁有雄厚的技術力量和生產能力,本廠配備有一定的專業工程技術人員和管理人員。 目前本廠的主要產品為按鈕SDSAL1-A系列、按鈕SDSAL1-B系列、按鈕SDSAL1-C系列、新開發并已申請專利的按鈕SDSAL1-D系列、信號燈SDSAL1-L系列、微動開關SDSLW5系列,還有行程開關SDSXK1系列以及DZ47等產品。產品主要用于工業控制、印刷行業、機床行業、紡織行業、醫療器械、自動化儀器、電力、電訊、船舶、冶金、化工等行業。 本廠將始終不渝致力于“品質、服務、創新”的經營理念,與時俱進,不斷推出新產品。本著以科技為先,以優質的產品和完善、誠信的服務奉獻予客戶的宗旨。竭誠為廣大新老客戶提供高品質的產品和優質的售后服務,并與您共創低壓電器控制新紀元。 Yueqing YingRui Electronic CO.,LTd specializes in producing electronic components, such as pushbutton switches, toggle switches, slid switches, micro switches, rocker switches, key switches, tact switches, power switches, wall switches, limit switches, time switches, power jacks, signal lamps/lights, indicators, knobs, buzzers, battery holders, alligator clips, binding posts, fuse holders, and earphone plugs and sockets. Our products are used for low voltage and house electrical appliance, instrument, meters and electronic toys. With strong technical power, our company has a group of hi-tech professionals who are responsible for innovation and exploration and have various production testing and inspections. Our company always takes the belief of "based on quality, keep on doing innovative science and technology to make sure of top quality and superior service". Our principle in business is to abide by contract and keep good faith .The aim of our service is "reputation fist, our customer foremost". We welcome customers at the home and abroad to come and cooperate with us.

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浙江省 溫州市 樂清市 樂成振馬南路10號


地址:福建省泉州市豐澤區刺桐北路 瑞祥東苑2#602室